Beth from Bon Aippetit

Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a mom, cook, photographer and AIP/Paleo devotee.

I stumbled upon the autoimmune protocol after years of poor health yet teams of doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. My diagnosis is different depending upon whom you ask and therefore, I live in limbo. I don’t quite have an autoimmune disease but I’m not well. I have similar symptoms just without a diagnosis. After years of joint pain, GI issues and muscle pain, my life looked very different from the carefree and healthy person I once was. I went from a happy, optimistic and energetic to angry, frustrated, exhausted. I stumbled upon the AIP diet after a chance meeting with a dietician.

After three months on the protocol, I had a day where I had energy for the first time in at least two years. It was shocking, wonderful and addicting. I wanted more. I started to think that maybe there’s hope for someone like me where western doctors had no answers. I kept with it and now have mostly good days. I wake up in the morning with a clear head and no pain. I still have flares but they are manageable. I’m still on my healing journey but I have my life back.

Bon Aippetit came from my passion for food. I come from a family where everyone is a cook and we all pitch in and help with the cooking. We talk about dinner while we’re eating lunch. Growing up, our weekends were happily spent at farmer’s markets and specialty foods stores. From that I developed a love of healthy food and fresh ingredients.

When I got sick, I couldn’t enjoy some of the same foods as the rest of my family. I didn’t want to get left out from family activities and didn’t want to feel deprived so I started to create recipes that we delicious for the whole family. I believe that just because you are trying to heal your body with food, doesn’t mean that you need to feel deprived. Food may be medicine but it doesn’t need to taste like it.

The Paleo diet and much more so the AIP diet can feel very restrictive and overwhelming. Many people have sensitivities or allergies that restrict the diets even further. I’m one of those people that has had to cut additional foods out of my diet so strict AIP would be an improvement. AIP isn’t meant to be forever but it’s hard. It’s hard to avoid those foods that are off limits. I get it. However, I’m not a doctor or scientist. I’m not even a dietician. I can’t advise you about nutrient dense foods and I’m not going to lecture you about cheating. I can only provide my story and what’s worked for me. I’m just here to give you healthy, delicious and beautiful AIP, Paleo and allergy friendly options.

Food should be enjoyed so bon aippetit!

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