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Mint Green Sun Tea

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If you’ve never had ‘sun tea,’ it’s just tea that’s been brewed by the sun. It’s a great way to make big batches of tea during the summer without turning on the store or using the microwave. My mom used to make huge batches of…
A refreshing combination of vegetable and fruit juice that is healthy and delicious. This recipe is allergy friendly (gluten, dairy, shellfish, nut, egg, and soy free) and suits the autoimmune protocol and vegan diets.

Cucumber Pear Juice

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I received a apples from Stemilt Growers as compensation for this post. All text and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support!This post was supposed to be a soup recipe but the weather…
Minty Green Smoothie

Minty Green Smoothie

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I love healthy smoothies but sometimes they can taste a little too ‘healthy.’ I want a smoothie that tastes good and is good for you. That’s the bar that I always set for smoothies. I won’t post one unless I can do both just like this…
Pineapple Whiskey Punch

Pineapple Whiskey Punch

Please note that this recipe is not AIP/Paleo. However, I'm looking forward to changing the recipe and making compliant soon.I had party season on my mind when I came up with this cocktail. I made a single serving so that my husband could…
Fruity Green Juice

Fruity Green Juice

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I’m trying to pack in as many vitamins in the foods that I’m eating as possible. However, my taste buds have changed since pregnancy and eating veggies is just not what I want to do anymore. They just aren’t as appetizing but I know…
Mint Julep from

Mint Julep

This is not an original recipe. The Mint Julep has been around for ages. It originated in the south and is specifically known as the drink of choice during the Kentucky Derby. I always thought that the drink was a light and easy to drink cocktail.…
Mint Simple Syrup from

The Basics | Mint Simple Syrup

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I always try and have some simple syrup on hand for drinks and cocktails. Some of them simple and others flavored. Remember my Strawberry Rhubarb Simple Syrup? This Mint Simple Syrup is actually a very basic recipe that is traditionally used…
How to throw the ultimate summer kick off party!

How to Throw the Ultimate Summer Kick Off Party

This post is sponsored by Hebrew National. I grew up in New York so winters were long and tough. The minute the snow melted and the temps shot up, people came running out of their houses like it was 100 degrees outside even though it was only…
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Grilled Peaches

Can you believe this was the first time I've ever made grilled peaches?  I can't believe I waited this long.  They taste like fruit candy!  Why didn't anyone tell me. I love how the mint plays off the sweetness of the fruit.  It's a great…
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Lemon Verbena Mint Tea

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I wanted to give myself a break from caffeine but drinking water gets old after awhile.  Mint and lemon verbena give a tea like flavor to the water without the caffeine.  I discovered the herb lemon verbena at my local farmer’s market. …