lemon rind in mason jar with vinegar on white background

lemon rind in mason jar with vinegar on white background

I used to spend tons of money of chemicals to clean my house. However, I got to a point where I realized that I shouldn’t be putting toxic chemicals to surfaces where I can breathe and absorb them. So I switched them out for Lemon Vinegar. Yep, super cheap vinegar does an amazing job of cleaning. It’s acidic so it helps dissolve soap scum, hard water stains and other types of icky buildup.

Vinegar alone isn’t a disinfectant so I like to add lemon rind to the vinegar, as lemon is a natural and mild disinfectant. If you’re looking for how to use this Lemon Vinegar Recipe, try my Homemade Household Cleaner Recipe.


How to Make Lemon Vinegar for Cleaning

Making Lemon Vinegar the easiest and cheapest way to detox your cleaning products. This recipe only has two ingredients and costs pennies compared to store bought products.

  • Author: Beth


Lemon Rind

Distilled Vinegar


Fill a quart size mason jar with lemon rinds.

Pour distilled vinegar over the rind until the jar is filled.

Let the vinegar and rind sit for about two weeks before it’s ready to use.


To make Homemade Household Cleaner, just add water. Check out the recipe over at my Homemade Household Cleaner post.

pouring vinegar over lemon rinds in mason jar on white background

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    • Beth
      Beth says:

      You don’t have to remove them. I usually leave them in. The color and smell of citrus gets more intense but since this is not for anything other than cleaning, it doesn’t hurt.


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