Placing the pavers to extend the entertaining space in the backyard. #bethhomeproject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Drainage, Retaining Walls, Pavers and Turf

The next and final step in the pool process is the plaster and pool cover, however, the plaster is very delicate and we didn’t want to run the risk of the plaster or pool cover being damaged while the rest of the yard is being built. The…
Backyard landscaping update. Swimming Pool Coping and Tile.

Front and Backyard Renovation: Pool Tile and Coping

After the concrete finally set, we were able to move along in the next step of the swimming pool process, which is adding the tile and coping. Coping is the stone (or concrete) that is placed on the edges that surround the pool. If you want…
Bun in the Oven. Can you guess what I'm cooking?

Bun in the Oven

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I've been missing from the blog and social media over the last couple of months as I haven't been able to come up with any new recipes. However, I have been cooking something. It take about 9 months to cook at 98.5 degrees. Can you guess? I'm…
Smoothing out the concrete for the pool. #bethhomeproject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Concrete

The concrete was the most exciting step in the renovation since the demo. It was a full day’s work for about five guys. It briefly crossed my mind that the process would use a concrete mixer with a concrete slide to guide the concrete…
Installing the steel frame for the pool. #bethhomeproject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Steel, Plumbing and Electrical

After we finished the demo, it was time to turn our focus to the pool. The rest of the yard has to wait as trench need to be dug so that the plumbing and electrical for the pool can be added. Before we get to the plumbing and electrical,…
This is what the front yard looks like AFTER demo. All the overgrown bushes are gone. #BethHomeProject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Demo

Demo is the first step in the physical work of a renovation whether it is inside or out. It’s exciting and transformative. It was a shocking change to see the land scraped of all the excess dirt and brush not to mention the giant hole…
Beth's Home Project Landscaping Design #BethHomeProject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Design Decisions and The Plan

Our yard is quite large, about 1/4 acre, and it’s not flat. It has a significant slop, which meant that just hiring a couple of guys to help us do the landscaping was just not an option. We needed a plan and professionals. We reached out…
Back Yard Renovation #BethHomeProject

Backyard and Frontyard Renovations

We finally finished renovating the inside of our house. I’ve shown you our kitchen makeover but I’ve been slacking on the rest of the house. I’d love to be able to show you the rest of the house but it’s taking longer than we anticipated…
DIY Dry Erase Board

DIY Dry Erase Board

We’ve had this wood frame for years. I’m not sure where it came from but we’ve moved it from house to house. It’s never been used and just sits and collects dust. I’ve always liked it, so I didn’t want to get rid of it. Now that…
DIY Scented Vinegar for Cleaning from

DIY Grapefruit Scented Vinegar

In the last few years, I've phased out as many chemical cleaners from my house as possible. I started with my all purpose, general cleaner and started using an plain old vinegar and water recipe. To take it up a knotch, I usually make…
kitchen by

Kitchen Update and Review

It’s been almost 6 months since we starting living in our home. I think I’ve used the kitchen every day since then. Now that I’ve had a chance to break it in and really use the fixtures and appliances I wanted to give you a review…
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How to Air-Dry Herbs

First you need to choose your method of air-drying. If you live in a drier climate, then you can hang them in bunches to dry. If you live in a more humid climate then you may want to place the individual sprigs on a mesh rack This allows…