Before and after photos of my backyard. Big change, right?!? You should see the rest of the photos!

Front and Backyard Renovation: Backyard Reveal

The backyard renovation is finally done! The entire process from design to completion took about 13 months. I’m really, really glad we had a friendly relationship with Steve from Panjia Landscaping because it was a long process. I’ve…
Living Room Renovation Product Reviews and Sources

Living Room Product Reviews and Sources

Did you see my Living Room Renovation: Before and After? It was almost a 2 year renovation and decoration project. Now that we're settled, I wanted to give you a list of sources and my thoughts on the space. We updated the counter and…
Demo of driveway during front yard renovation.

Front and Backyard Renovation: Driveway and Front Walk

I apologize for the delay in posting the last few posts in the renovation series. We actually finished back in December but ran into a few delays like a major storm that flooded our back yard and my third trimester. Both were unexpectedly…
Living room before and after construction.

Living Room Renovation: Before and After

We finished the living room renovation about the same time as the kitchen. However, it took a lot longer to decorate. Our TV sat on a plastic bin for about 6 months before we found the right console. My DIY Lamp Makeover was the last addition…
Simple DIY Lamp Makeover

Simple DIY Lamp Makeover

This lamp was leftover from my husband’s single days. He’s not one to throw things away so it could easily be ten years old and it was definitely showing it’s age. The lampshade was broken and dated but luckily the lamp itself was…
Building the outdoor bbq. #bethhomerenovation

Front and Backyard Renovation: Built-In BBQ Area, Cabanas and Raised Garden Beds

Our home came with an existing covered patio. IT looks like this area was originally used for a hot tub as there was already an electrical and gas hookup. We knew that we eventually wanted a built in BBQ area but thought it was something…
Placing the pavers to extend the entertaining space in the backyard. #bethhomeproject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Drainage, Retaining Walls, Pavers and Turf

The next and final step in the pool process is the plaster and pool cover, however, the plaster is very delicate and we didn’t want to run the risk of the plaster or pool cover being damaged while the rest of the yard is being built. The…
Backyard landscaping update. Swimming Pool Coping and Tile.

Front and Backyard Renovation: Pool Tile and Coping

After the concrete finally set, we were able to move along in the next step of the swimming pool process, which is adding the tile and coping. Coping is the stone (or concrete) that is placed on the edges that surround the pool. If you want…
Smoothing out the concrete for the pool. #bethhomeproject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Concrete

The concrete was the most exciting step in the renovation since the demo. It was a full day’s work for about five guys. It briefly crossed my mind that the process would use a concrete mixer with a concrete slide to guide the concrete…
Installing the steel frame for the pool. #bethhomeproject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Steel, Plumbing and Electrical

After we finished the demo, it was time to turn our focus to the pool. The rest of the yard has to wait as trench need to be dug so that the plumbing and electrical for the pool can be added. Before we get to the plumbing and electrical,…
This is what the front yard looks like AFTER demo. All the overgrown bushes are gone. #BethHomeProject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Demo

Demo is the first step in the physical work of a renovation whether it is inside or out. It’s exciting and transformative. It was a shocking change to see the land scraped of all the excess dirt and brush not to mention the giant hole…
Beth's Home Project Landscaping Design #BethHomeProject

Front and Backyard Renovation: Design Decisions and The Plan

Our yard is quite large, about 1/4 acre, and it’s not flat. It has a significant slop, which meant that just hiring a couple of guys to help us do the landscaping was just not an option. We needed a plan and professionals. We reached out…