best acne solutions. beautycounter products on white background

best acne solutions. beautycounter products.

I’ve always known that my skin reacts to the things I put on it. I’ve been known to break out from using the wrong product. I’ve also thought that my internal health issues were a separate from my skin issues. I hadn’t considered that the environmental factors were contributing to my poor health might also be effecting my skin. The skin is just reacting to what is going on inside your body. Once I had that revelation, I started to consider my oily and acne prone skin more of a health issue. Looking at my skin from this prospective has really helped me find answers. The best acne solutions look at skin from a holistic approach. My 4 Best Acne Solutions address not only the products in your skincare routine but also consider other factors like stress and food.

best acne solutions. beautycounter countercontrol products

Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is essential for preventing acne before it happens. It can also be a great way to get your skin back on track after a breakout. Here are a few products that are a part of my daily routine.

  • Charcoal Mask: Charcoal is a great detoxifier. It helps absorb oil and remove toxins from your skin. This mask is a great product to slip into your nightly routine a few times a week to keep your skin smooth and prevent breakouts. Click here to learn more about the charcoal mask.
  • Overnight Resurfacing Peel: Scars and redness seem to go right along with oily and acne prone skin. This peel can help reduce both of those without leaving your skin raw like a chemical peel. It’s a much more gentle approach to a peel. Click here to learn more about the peel.
  • Rejuvenating Toner Pads: This toner is so refreshing. It’s almost cooling which is nice when you’re in the middle of a break out. Click here to learn more about the toner pads.
  • Countercontrol Line: It helps control oily skin while preventing breakouts. The line includes a cleanser, gel cream (instead of lotion), all over acne treatment, toner and spot treatment. It’s not a harsh like so many acne treatments. It’s very gentle and soothing for your skin. The spot treatment is something everyone can slip into their makeup bag. These products were game changers for my skin!

best acne solutions include beautycounter products

Avoid Food Sensitivities and Allergens

When dealing with acne, the best way to beat it, is by dealing with the root cause. My skin has never looked better since going on the AIP diet. The diet helped me eliminate foods that were creating inflammation in all parts of my body, including my skin. You don’t necessarily need to be on an elimination diet to see results. Common culprits include dairy, soy, nuts, eggs and grains.

Avoid conventional Skincare and Makeup Products

Your favorite grocery store brand may not be the best thing for your skin. Conventional personal care products may be contaminated with heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. These chemicals can lead to hormonal disorders, heavy metal toxicity among other issues. In the short term you may not notice any issues but long term exposure means that these products build up in your body. They can clog your pores and lead to a variety of health conditions. If you’re interested in learning more, click here to read my post about heavy metals in cosmetics.

Reduce stress

Stress doesn’t actually cause acne but it can make it worse. Finding a way to accept occasional breakouts and stay calm during health setbacks can be huge help to minimizing acne.

best acne solutions. beautycounter products on white background

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