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BIG NEWS! I’m working on a ecookbook called One Week Of AIP. Actually, it’s so much more than a cookbook. It provides meal plans for seven days, a shopping list and 21 recipes. I’ve been wanting to do a book for a long time and starting the AIP diet definitely inspired me. It can be difficult to get started and even more difficult to stick to it. My hope is that it will prevent hopelessness and help keep you on track to a healthier you.

There are multiple reasons to start the AIP (or Paleo) diet. Whether it’s allergies, autoimmune disease or a mystery illness, you’re probably searching for wellness. Making changes to your diet can be difficult especially when you have a lifetime of bad habits and a defined relationship with food. It’s also hard to say good-bye to a lot of the convenience foods that you’ve grown to love and plan out home cooked meals for yourself and family that are nutritious and delicious. However, it can be done. This NEW ebook called One Week of AIP, will offer you support and guidance.

This ebook is a meal plan that will guide you through a week’s worth of meal planning and grocery shopping. It provides a wide variety of meals (three a day for seven days) that will feed a family of four. It will also include a printable shopping list and recipes all in one location. This guide is ideal for autoimmune protocol diet newbies but will also satisfy the AIP pro that just wants to take the week off from meal planning.


  • 21 healthy and easy to follow recipes
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Printable shopping list
  • Recipes make enough for a family of 4 (if you’re not a family, then lucky you because you’ll have plenty of freezer meals!)
  • Lots of beautiful photos

Does this sound interesting? Great! Fill out your name, email and make sure to check the box for the One Week of AIP emails and you’ll be the first to know when the book is available for pre-order and purchase. I’ll also keep you up to date on the progress of the book as well as special offers. Additionally, you’ll be able to download my FREE AIP Snack Ideas PDF which is a great supplement to the book.

If you’re already on my email list, then just reply to the post email and say ‘YES,’ ‘I’m so excited’ or ‘Can’t wait for your new book!’ and I’ll make sure you continue to receive emails about the book.


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