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Berry Smoothie

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I truly enjoyed the holidays and it definitely shows because my pants are a bit snug. Is anyone else having this problem? I also realized that I haven’t had a salad or fresh fruit since October. Oh boy. I actually like healthy food, especially…
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Easy Roasted Asparagus

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Easy Roasted Asparagus recipe is very simple, and everyone should have in his or her cooking arsenal. I make it all the time as it’s a great side to any chicken, fish or beef. If you have some Parmesan cheese handy (and your gut can take…
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Lemon Verbena Mint Tea

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I wanted to give myself a break from caffeine but drinking water gets old after awhile.  Mint and lemon verbena give a tea like flavor to the water without the caffeine.  I discovered the herb lemon verbena at my local farmer’s market. …
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Raspberries and Rose

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Raspberries and Rose isn't really a recipe or cocktail like my Raspberry Sparkler.  I just like raspberries soaked in rose. They taste so yummy.  It makes sipping on rose just a little more special. You could also substitute the rose…

Spearmint Sun Tea

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Spearmint Sun Tea   Print Cook time 8 hours 15 mins Total time 8 hours 15 mins   My mom used to make huge batches of sun tea almost every day during the summertime. It’s a very refreshing, especially with mint. If…