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Lemon Verbena Mint Tea

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I wanted to give myself a break from caffeine but drinking water gets old after awhile.  Mint and lemon verbena give a tea like flavor to the water without the caffeine.  I discovered the herb lemon verbena at my local farmer’s market. …
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Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

Don't be intimidated by the many steps this recipe has.  It's not that hard and totally worth it.  This recipe is in heavy rotation at our house.          
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Grilled Artichokes with Roasted Jalapeno and Cilantro Aioli

Seriously, the best artichokes I’ve ever had.  I ate all four.  I just couldn’t stop myself.  I love the smoky flavor that grilling adds to the artichokes.  This is a must try recipe!   Here's some photos of the 'hair' removal…
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Chopped Salad

It's springtime in my garden which means my herbs are growing like weeds.  I thought that a homemade salad dressing would be a great way to use up a bunch of them hence the salad recipe.  I also had a wonderful herbed chopped salad while…
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Raspberries and Rose

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Raspberries and Rose isn't really a recipe or cocktail like my Raspberry Sparkler.  I just like raspberries soaked in rose. They taste so yummy.  It makes sipping on rose just a little more special. You could also substitute the rose…

Cranberry Orange Mimosas

I hope you are having a very merry christmas! I had a handful of people over to help cook for thanksgiving.  Even though we were slaving away in the kitchen, to keep the mood up, I thought it would be nice to kick off the thanksgiving…

Grilled Chicken Hearts and Chicken Feet

Please note that this recipe is not AIP/Paleo. However, I'm looking forward to changing the recipe to make it compliant soon. I like to experiment with food.  I'm always looking for unusual foods to eat and cook.  This time around I tried…